Founded in 2016, Send 4 You is a company specialized in international logistics, known for offering quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. Acting with shipments of sea cargo and air cargo, Send 4 You has presented the best solutions with an economical and safe, no matter what you want to import, we guarantee not only meet, but exceed your expectations and guarantee your total satisfaction.
Our team is prepared to serve you, with an individual management of your products and delivering logistics with the skill and experience that our customers expect in addition to a direct service seeking your best experience.


International Sea Freight

- In this shipping format our customers only pay for the freight.

- No redirect fee

- Own Logistics.

- Tracking

- Safe

International Air Freight

- Air freight from SEND4YOU arrives directly in Curitiba.

- We have received returns to the sender in Brazil.

- No Redirection fee

- The best international freight rates.

No Redirection fee

- Best secure logistics solutions.

- Best prices

- VIP service

- Structure in United States and Brazil

- Own Logistics

Freight Shipping Containers


International Logistics Solutions

The best logistics solutions!

Best Price Guaranteed

The best prices in the market!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our priority is to offer you the best!

Costumer Service Directly on Telegram

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Freight Shipping Containers